No more WikiLeaks: YouTube will remove content discussing leaked information

Under the guise of election credibility, YouTube will remove content that “contains hacked information with an intent to interfere”. The age of WikiLeaks is over.




If information emerges about a candidate in an “October surprise” in a way that can be credibly spun as a “hack” like the 2016 WikiLeaks drops were, it’s entirely likely that we will see some interference in people’s ability to communicate about it on not just one but multiple social media platforms.


As Alan MacLeod explains for MintPress News: “he great majority of leaked information — the lifeblood of investigative journalism — is anonymous. Often, like in the cases of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning or Reality Winner, whistleblowers face serious consequences if their names become attached to documents exposing government or corporate malfeasance. But without a name to go with a document, the difference between leaked data and hacked data is impossible to define. Thus, powerful people and organisations could claim data was hacked, rather than leaked, and simply block all discussion of the matter on the platform.”





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