Jobs that will be in high demand in the next one-two years

Here are the fields in which jobs are likely to gain traction in the next 1-2 years, and the skills needed for these.
Thanks to the lockdown, more and more businesses and companies are going online. Expectedly, there has been a rise in cyber crime, including phishing, hacking and malware. Hence, the need for cyber security specialists. The demand is unlikely to wane any time soon.

Min. qualification: Bachelor’s degree in computer science; BE/ BTech in IT/cyber security

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 4-5 lakh

A data scientist is responsible for collecting and analysing large amounts of data. With businesses depending more on data-driven insights to grow, the demand for data scientists is growing. However, the supply of such specialists is still low. So look forward to high growth in demand for these jobs in the coming years.

Min. qualification: Bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, maths, statistics, physics, engineering

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 5-6 lakh

It involves the on-demand delivery of IT services on the Internet. As Covid sees several companies shift their operations to cloud infrastructure, demand for cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud enterprise architect and cloud infrastructure engineer is likely to grow, especially with the dearth of such specialists.

Min. qualification: BE/ BTech/ BCA/ BSc with cloud computing

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 5-7 lakh

An AI specialist helps machines to learn with applications so that they can function independently. As businesses and companies look to automate basic, manual roles, the need for AI specialists will be on the rise.

Min. qualification: Certification, diploma, BTech courses

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 6-8 lakh

  • Logistics and supply chain management

As Covid-induced lockdown forces a large number of people to rely on home deliveries, there is a rise in demand for jobs in supply chain management, which covers the entire gamut from procuring, storing, packaging, dispatching and delivering products to consumers.

Min. qualification: Diploma or under-graduate degree

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 2.5-3.5 lakh

Digital marketing

The post-Covid e-commerce boom, increasing digital penetration and significance of online media means there is an increasing need for people with skills to digitally market a brand.

Min. qualification: Course in digital marketing after graduation

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 3-5 lakh

Healthcare services

The Covid outbreak has seen a surge in demand for professionals, especially the frontline staff, in healthcare industry. This requirement for doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and ward boys will continue for several years.

Min. qualification: Different for various staffers

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 3-4 lakh

Full stack development

People with knowledge of both back-end and frontend software development, that is, both server and client software, are in high demand as businesses move online.

Min. qualification: Degree in computer science

Average annual salary (entry level): Rs 4-6 lakh

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