Wondering what it would take to be a YouTube sensation

I wonder what exactly it would take to become a YouTube sensation.

The closest we have to that around here is Betty Williamson and she hasn’t posted anything on YouTube or TikTok as far as I know. She does have quite a following on Facebook, though, and she never has to do anything crazy on camera in a bikini. I don’t think she’s monetizing her following though, at least not like some of these online sensations.

In this time of pandemic with all of us putting in a lot of screen time I’ve split my time between my Pandora Marty Robbins channel and a few select YouTube or Facebook channel video series that you can’t stop watching.

The latest one is a couple who bought a boat they saw online for $5,000. But this wasn’t just a boat it was a great big Bayliner cabin cruiser. They are apparently both mechanics and she also dedicates herself to at least one online channel as videographer and editor and she’s pretty good.

They filmed picking up the boat and cracking the lower unit open and, with a few adjustments a minimum amount of parts and cleaning, they had a $20,000 to $30,000 boat. I just watched the first installment of their 10-day maiden voyage family camping trip and I’m hooked and can’t wait for the rest.

Another couple dedicates their channel to filming the wife, in her 50s, in a different bikini every week. For an old gal she’s good looking and looks good in bikinis, but they’re very relatable in their conversation.

I’ve also gotten a kick out of a few hillbilly-like channels where the main idea is running trotlines with a beautiful young girl in the bow of the boat or a thing called catfish noodling where they grab great big fish on their beds by allowing the fish to bite down on their arms.

Not all of my channels lately have featured women in bikinis in boats. I had one that I’m not sure if it was online or regular TV but these folks were buying pallets full of store returns then reselling the stuff individually online mostly. Some of those couples didn’t seem too bright.

I immediately applauded one of the wives who bought 50 wedding dresses without telling the husband. She paid over $700 for the dresses and a slight bit more for the shipping but I had the feeling she had hit it out of the park. They ended up making over $6,000 on the pallet.

The couple that bought two pallets of tools, then had no concept of what they had or how to resell it, tanked.

I’ve decided for my next venture I’ll clean out the spare bedroom and order a pallet of Pez dispensers to resell. Or I’ll buy a boat, load Betty Williamson up and go make a video series entitled, “Alligator Hunting Jack County Lake.”

We desperately need some rain and an end to this pandemic.

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