Digital engines – the ‘new normal’ in local government?

Whilst many sectors have had to close doors in the wake of Covid-19, others have had to work at full capacity to help those affected by the virus. Immediately, the NHS comes to mind, as does central government, but some of those working hardest behind the scenes have also been civil servants within local government. Whether it’s been organizing care packages or helping businesses apply for debt support, local government has been pushed to its limits.

Through these actions, local government workers have emerged as a touch point of reassurance and trust during the pandemic. However, there’s more to it than the clerical work. Councils have had to turn to new digital tools in order to service citizens correctly and, above all else, safely. All of a sudden, we’ve seen a sector traditionally resistant to digital change dramatically transform the face of their IT provision in order to provide the most seamless service that they can.

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