3 Reasons Why SEO and ABM are Perfect Together

By Martech Outlook | Friday, August 14, 2020

A strategic approach to SEO is vital for an account-based marketing strategy to increase personalization, drive engagement, and enable data-based decision-making.

FREMONT, CA: Maximizing the efforts, efficiency, and ROI of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns is every marketer’s objective. An inbound marketing tactic that can help brands in achieving this goal is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the era of digital transformation, the ABM combined with SEO’s targeted traffic mechanism is a perfect strategic combination to gear up marketing efforts. From offering insights into research patterns to revealing information about the performance of ABM campaigns, marketers have unearthed the many benefits of integrating SEO into the ABM strategy. Here is more on it.

• SEO Helps Personalize ABM Content

The primary step of any ABM approach is defining the list of target accounts and identifying their internal stakeholders. Completing these tasks is vital for success in defining a personalized, targeted content strategy. SEO comes to help here because it offers insight into what types of content players are looking for. Modern SEO did this kind of personalization long before ABM became widely implemented. Keyword and user intent research are highly effective practices for defining the types of ABM content to be created.

• SEO is An Optimal Channel

Once the brand determined its target accounts and have personalized content to engage them, it’s time to decide the optimal channels for campaigns. Every organization will choose different channels, but the organic search should always be the first priority. If the campaign content and landing pages aren’t optimized for search, the brand can risk losing its target accounts to competitors who excel in the search engine results page. So, brands should make sure to start by making sure that technical SEO is clean and set up properly.

• SEO Provides Valuable Metrics

The last step of an ABM implementation is measuring, learning, and optimizing. Measuring the effectiveness of ABM campaigns demands a different approach than measuring broad-reaching marketing campaigns. Valuable ABM metrics focus on engagement, and these can be more complex to measure and report than reach and lead metrics. By adopting standard SEO metrics strategies, brands can easily track the effectiveness of the ABM campaigns and the engagement they are driving.

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