How To Ditch the Nine-to-Five Mentality and Achieve True Financial Freedom According to Kevin David

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2020 / Most people still work the traditional 9-5 (or 8-5). And while that route brings security, many people become disillusioned over time. “It’s not what they signed up for,” says Kevin David, a long-time entrepreneur and proponent of setting your own hours.

Two weeks of vacation doesn’t make up for micromanaging bosses, being paid less than you’re worth, and the sneaking suspicion that you didn’t really need your degree for this. “More and more people are moving away from traditional job structures. Working your way up the ladder isn’t the only option anymore – people can sense there’s a better way,” says Kevin David. “Freelancing or starting your own business is becoming the new norm.”

Hundreds of thousands of people working from home or losing their jobs entirely due to the pandemic have hastened this revolution even further. In 2014, freelancers made up about 14% of the working population. Now, the entrepreneurs and freelancers account for 35% of the workforce – and that number is growing daily!

But how can you turn a side-hustle into a full-time career that’s capable of replacing the money, benefits, and security of your current nine-to-five career? Kevin David has a few tips.

Grow Your Freelancing Business Simultaneously Advises Kevin David

“It’s easy to give advice like ‘Just quit! You’ll be fine!’, but the reality is a lot more difficult for most people,” says Kevin David. “People have to pay their mortgages, take care of their kids, feed their pets. That’s why my advice is that it’s usually best to have at least a small financial foundation built before you quit the grind.”

If you have the kind of job that only takes you three hours a day to complete and then you’re mindless with boredom – that’s fantastic! Now you have something to fill those hours. Start writing or coding or editing photos or whatever it is that you are longing to pursue.

But if you have a more consuming or difficult job (or if you are closely monitored by your company and/or boss), you’re going to have to sacrifice your after-work and weekend hours at first. “Think of it as an investment,” advises Kevin David. “It’s going to suck, but try to envision how good it will feel to quit once you’re making enough money to leave the terrible position you’re currently in.”

To help get you through the double grind, set a timeline for yourself. For example – you can leave your job in six months if you hit your financial goals. It will give you a sense of urgency to have a deadline as well as a sense of relief that soon you won’t have to be working a double load. Tell your friends or your spouse about your deadline so someone is helping to hold you accountable.

Kevin David Urges You to Figure Out Your “Why”

“I meet so many people who want to ditch the nine-to-five and set their own schedule,” says Kevin David. “But you’d be shocked how many of them come up blank for a minute when I ask them why.”

Kevin believes that to successfully change the way you work, you have to be able to turn to your big why and let it guide you when the road gets rough. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids. Maybe you want to retire early and travel. Maybe you’re not a morning person and you just want the freedom to wake up and start your day at ten if you so choose.

“Whatever your big ‘Why’ is, find it, define it and use it to motivate yourself,” says Kevin.

Make the Leap Says Kevin David

Moonlighting and working on your side hustle is great, but it’s not the place you’re meant to be forever. “The goal is not to have two jobs forever. That’s even worse than before,” says Kevin David. “At some point, when you’ve saved and you have clients lined up and you feel pretty good about it… commit. You have to take that final leap of faith to be free. You will never feel completely ready – it’s freaking terrifying! But once you’ve met your goals, you have to trust yourself and try. The alternative is living in that cubicle for the rest of your life.”

Kevin David has been an entrepreneur since the tender age of fourteen. He had a brief stint as a corporate accountant and even worked at Facebook for a while. But there was always a nagging sense that he could be doing more with his life than making money for other people. Once he stumbled across Amazon FBA and launched his first product, he knew his life would never be the same. Now Kevin David travels the world, holding workshops and conferences to help people who want to break free and become their own bosses.

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