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(KUSI) – The hottest days of summer are almost here. If you can’t take the heat anymore, The Muscleman of Technology demonstrated  the newest gadgets and products to help keep you cool and refreshed on Good Morning San Diego.

Dyson Pure Cool Me – Personal Air Purifying Fan  $349 Model BP01 (White/Silver) $329 at

The Dyson “Pure Cool Me” is a modern looking stylish fan that simultaneously cleans and purifies your air thanks to Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA Air filtration system which can remove microscopic particles, pollen, allergens, dust, bacteria and pollutants from the air. It’s perfect for the bedroom, kitchen, office or any room you want to cool down and clean the air! All of the controls are simple to use thanks to a small remote that magnetically attaches to the front of the Pure Cool Me. The Pure Cool Me is Dyson’s first personal purifying fan, engineered with “Dyson Core Flow Technology” to help improve air quality. The cool looking white colored dome can also be adjusted to send the air directly at you, or upwards for a more general cooling of an area. It also has a 70-degree range in “oscillation” mode. Thanks to Dyson’s advanced HEPA filtration system, it can capture gases and 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns from the air! The LCD screen shows your airflow speed (10-speed settings), modes, and filter life left in real-time. You can set the sleep timer anywhere between 15 mins and 9 hours, so you can keep cool and comfortable while you rest.

Klein Rechargeable Personal Fan  $49.99

You’ll always be the coolest person around with Klein Tools’ Personal Rechargeable Jobsite Fan! What makes this fan so special is all the versatile mounting options—the base has 2 powerful magnets plus a hanging hole…and the base acts as a giant strong clamp for gripping down on table edges, studs, or just about anything. Features two long-lasting fan modes: “Low” for 9 hours; “High” for 5 hours! Charges with a USB-C cable that is included, and the back of the fan has battery level indicator lights to let you know the battery status. Whether you mount it or simply sit the fan on a flat surface, airflow can be aimed in any direction with a fan cage that both rotates and spins 360°. At 10-1/2-in. tall, this fan is the ideal size to carry every day while producing powerful flow of air when it’s hot and stuffy on the job!

Solumbra Sun Protection Clothing   800.882.7860 s ee website for current specials and pricing

Thousands of dermatologists have recommended Solumbra!
The reasons are many—the sun’s UV rays are incredibly dangerous, typical summer shirts don’t provide adequate protection, and sunscreen, while important, is simply not enough.
Solumbra clothing provides 100+ SPF all-day UVA and UVB sun protection. It’s safe, it’s effective and it protects you head to toe. Solumbra sun protective clothing is designed to help people obtain medically accepted sun protection that we can rely on each and every day.
Many of Solumbra items have ventilating mesh to circulate cooling air around you and they offers true UVA/UVB protection, blocking greater than 98% of UV rays!

Zephyr Mouse Fan – Say Goodbye to Sweaty Palms!
$89 (comes in White or Black)

Zephyr, is a high-precision gaming mouse with a built-in fan to keep your hands, and mind, cool under pressure! This is Zephyr, our first gaming mouse that’s engineered from the ground up to help you perform at the top of your abilities. Besides lots of awesome features, one thing stands out immediately, a built-in fan and open structure design to keep your hand and mind cool when you need it most. Even with a built-in fan, it weighs just 68 grams making it extremely lightweight. Three different settings of the fan can be controlled with a dedicated button on the bottom of the mouse. Even when you switch it off completely, it gives you passive cooling through the honey-comb shell that has an airy open structure. The fan also has its own dedicated RGB lighting, making it the focal point of our open structure design. It’s also extremely quiet, producing just under 30 Decibels of sound so it won’t distract you from plotting your next genius move. On top of the mouse is a dedicated DPI button, letting you choose the resolution with a simple click. To see which resolution you’ve selected, the mouse will show accent colors on the side and the scroll wheel. Go from 400 DPI all the way up to 16,000 DPI, all clearly indicated with beautiful RGB lights in corresponding colors.

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