Thomas Herd: Digital Marketing’s New Star

In a world now blurred by COVID-induced uncertainty, American Entrepreneur Thomas Herd is helping businesses become crisply visible in the digital space.

And he does it in ways that are both innovative and captivating.

His flourishing international agency T1 clearly possesses the Midas touch, giving its clients a brighter and more stable future.

Through his work, the business of advertising is evolving into a hard and quantifiable science where revenue goals can be deduced to mathematical equations of outreach volume x predictable conversion rate x MSRP. The implications for scaling the business or planning an exit strategy are simply stupendous.

“The end product of this approach – the highest and most predictable ROI for an indefinite long-term future – allows the brand who possesses it the ability to scale at the fastest rate, raise capital easily, and/or plan exits”, says Herd in his Forbes column.

Herd’s forte is calculated and meticulous brand-building and growth-planning from the ground level, up to industry leader status.

The T1 team of digital marketeers is best known for pursuing clients’ goals with mathematical precision and the kind of ease that comes from years of navigating in the digital realm.

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