This massive bundle of lessons covers the range digital marketing tools.

This massive bundle of lessons will teach you how to connect your brand or products with the widest possible audience.
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Marketing moved online long ago, and every week that goes by, it becomes more fundamental to the ways we buy and sell. Facebook, YouTube, Google and Amazon have become the core of our modern economy. So if you’ve got a product, brand or anything else you want to connect with customers or audiences, you’ve got to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing.

The Complete Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Certification Bundle is a massive resource of information and insight into online marketing. With nine courses comprising more than 400 lessons, it’s got something for even the most online-savvy people to learn.

Get the scoop on how to  effectively use Facebook to establish your presence so people can connect with what you’re offering. Master Google Tag Manager so you can manage multiple analytics and marketing tags from a single dashboard. Get a deep understanding of growth techniques to boost your conversion rate. Learn the strategies for increasing fans, engagement, and reach on YouTube.

With these lessons, you’ll dial in your SEO, master Amazon FBA and get acquainted with plenty of other abbreviations that you might not recognize now, but you’ll be deeply familiar by the end of these courses.

Buy now: Get the Complete Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Certification Bundle for $34.99. That’s a massive 97% off the usual price.

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