Read how one Youtube comment triggered a bizarre meme fest on Binod

On Saturday, a bizarre trend took over Twitter, leaving social media users perplexed. A name ‘Binod’ trended all day on Twitter, with netizens flooding social media sites with posts and memes on the trending buzz word. The ‘Binod memes’ left many scratching their heads with only one burning question: ‘Who really is Binod and why is everyone tweeting about him?’

Who really in Binod?

The name ‘Binod’, which has now become the talk of the town, originated from a YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to make a video on the comments made under various videos that have no real meaning whatsoever.

In the July 15 video tilted “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”, they spoke about bizarre comments that people often make on YouTube videos. This was when the name of Binod Tharu surfaces, a user who had just posted the word ‘Binod’ in the comments section.

This comment sparked a conversation, in which the two Youtubers talked about other situations where they only answered with the name ‘Binod’. Soon, many Indian YouTubers noticed ‘Binod’ being written all over their comments and it quickly became a trend on the platform. 

Binod – a top trend on social media platforms

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A month later, the Youtube video and the comments made have caught the attention of social media users, who have now created a meme-fest, so much so that hashtag Binod has become the top trend on Twitter.

Amused by the random trend on social media, netizens took to social media to display their creativity with their own version of ‘Binod’ memes, which have gone viral now.

Not just desi-memers but also social media accounts of the big corporations, public institutions plunged into the Binod trend.

Mumbai Police, who has pretty good experience on making memes on Twitter, jumped on to the scene too.

Soon, Uttar Pradesh Police followed Mumbai Police to display their creativity in trending ‘Binod’.

As memes starting to flood on social media timelines, a Twitter user @GabbbarSingh asked leading mobile payments app Paytm to change their official Twitter username to Binod.

“Done,” responded Paytm and changed its name to Binod on Twitter.

Online dating website Tinder also tried the trend and took things one step further by finding a match for ‘Binod’ in the form of ‘Binodini’.

Meanwhile, YouTube channel Slayy Point has updated the description of their account saying, “Founder of BINOD. Hello Binod Army”.

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