As more businesses move online, this skill makes the transition easier

Those who understand digital marketing will earn a place in the e-commerce landscape.

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Quarantine accelerated an already-booming trend: businesses are moving online, fast. Walmart’s Canadian operations doubled and even tripled online grocery orders in some regions, while U.S. Walmarts reported a 74 per cent increase in e-commerce in May 2020. This level of growth is seen throughout the Canadian e-commerce sector, with 12.3 percent growth in the year 2020 alone. Canadian e-commerce growth is expected to drop off by five per cent next year, so now is the time to get ahead of the trend before everyone has mastered the digital landscape.

Because of the rapid shift to digital, there’s one skill that emerges as the most desirable by employers: those who understand digital marketing will earn a place in the e-commerce landscape. If there’s room to develop your digital marketing knowledge, the Complete Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Certification Bundle teaches you how to market like an online maven for only $34.99 USD.

Throughout the course, you will learn overall digital marketing strategies, as well as how to market content on Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Youtube. Learning how to market on these websites will allow you to reach millions of web users with your content, making a significant difference in sales. Here are five areas where this course will develop your digital marketing knowledge:

Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

A/B testing is a great way to see how well different marketing ideas fare on the internet—using these strategies translates to better engagement and profits. The 2020 Complete Growth Hacking & Conversion Course offers more than 100 hours of techniques, strategies, and walkthroughs to increase growth, conversion, leads, clicks, and sales. These strategies can increase your growth and conversion rate up to five times over, lead to thousands of subscribers and snag those pesky online cart abandoners. Testing your site for performance, you’ll learn how to write copy and improve your SEO in order to get more eyeballs on your content.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a goldmine for online marketers who know how to sell their merchandise: the website generated $69.7 billion in advertising in 2019. If you’re looking to join Facebook’s eight million advertisers, the Certified Facebook Marketing 2020 (Complete Masterclass) course will teach you how to access Facebook’s 1.4 billion users, encouraging them to engage with your content. The course begins with the basics of building a professional Facebook profile and leads to learning proven tips and tricks for marketing.

Google and SEO

Being the first business listed for a Google search makes searchers more likely to trust and choose your brand—this is why knowing SEO is necessary for any business owner looking to grow online. The 2020 SEO Link Building Course teaches you how to get your information directly in front of potential customers instead of spending thousands on ads. This course guarantees you’ll go viral with two amazing plugins and one proven strategy, getting your website mentioned on high-traffic domains such as CNN and The New York Times.


As a result of the coronavirus quarantine, Amazon beat their Q2 expectations with double-digit growth and expect 29 to 33 per cent growth in Q3. With Prime Day coming in Q4, Amazon is becoming the premier internet marketplace—and businesses looking to utilize Amazon have the opportunity to attract thousands of buyers online. With the Amazon FBA Course 2020, you’ll learn Amazon methods that will make your business competitive in this year of unexpected exponential growth.


The second most visited site after Google is Youtube—it’s the number one site for video content, period. That’s why the Complete Guide to Youtube Channel & Youtube Masterclass 2020 is a smart investment in your online marketing knowledge: you can reach millions of viewers if you know how to market your channel. This course teaches you simple, proven methods to grow your channel’s traffic that has worked since Youtube began.

Going online with your business is one thing, but becoming a digital marketing expert can make sure your business is here to stay. For $34.99 USD, this powerful digital marketing bundle is available at an exclusive 97 per cent discount.

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