Three reasons learning Adobe Creative Cloud should top your to-do list

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If you’re not convinced yet, here are three top reasons why knowing Adobe CC is a skill you’ll want to add to your resume:

1. Adobe CC hosts a creative suite that lets your creativity shine

According to LinkedIn research, creativity is the number one soft skill that employers are looking for—so if you are a creative-minded individual, it pays to illustrate your vivid imagination. Employers seek talent that can connect seemingly unrelated concepts to solve problems in bold new ways—this applies to every industry you can imagine. Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to digital imaging, allowing you to create polished images for any website, flyer, or brochure. Illustrator is the tool for any web or mobile design, such as logos, icons, graphics, or freehand drawings, while InDesign turns brochure and flyer design ideas into reality. These three programs are necessary to know for any company redesign, but Spark will help you get the word out with sleek, pre-made social media templates. Whether it’s designing a company logo or boosting social media presence, Adobe CC has the tools to shape your company by the unique design in your mind—and The Essential 2020 Adobe CC Mastery Bundle will teach you how to make it happen.

2. With businesses shifting online, anyone working in marketing or sales could use the advantage Adobe CC mastery offers

As much of the workforce moves to work from home, marketing and sales employees may find it increasingly difficult to get ahold of their company’s creative departments. Instead of trying to communicate design ideas online, marketing and sales workers can learn how to bring their designs to life on their own. Combining in-depth knowledge of marketing and illustration creates eye-catching results that will set any company promotion apart from the competition, and it’s only possible for someone who’s mastered both. After all, different colours elicit different emotions, so combining a knowledge of illustration, psychology, and business can communicate brilliant marketing ideas with an audience beautifully. The Adobe CC Mastery Course will allow you to bolster your resume with a desirable skill: someone who can bring creative ideas to the table and make them come to life.

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