Information technology professor offers cybersecurity advice

WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) – A Thomas College professor who specializes in information technology is offering advice on how to protect your personal information online.

It comes after the Maine Cancer Foundation announced this weekend that they experienced a data breach last month.

The software company Blackbaud told the Maine Cancer Foundation about the breach July 16th.

After an internal investigation, they found hackers got into some backup data and may have had access to names, addresses and contact information.

“You should assume that your data has been stollen before you know it has been stolen because it takes a lot to know it and there are a couple of things that you can do to limit your exposure. Lock your credit report. We’d like to make passwords human friendly but not friendly to computers,” said Professor Frank Appunn.

Appunn recommends passwords that string together short words with no meaning, separated by symbols.

Social security and banking account information were not part of the cancer foundation breach.

Blackbaud stated that they are taking action to ensure the data that was impacted will not be misused or made public.

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