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Most of us were under the impression that becoming our own boss will give us more time to spend on what matters most. Becoming a freelancer will enable us to be more flexible – “freeing” ourselves from the rigidity of working on a 9-5 schedule. It’ll be up to us to set our own time, prioritize tasks in our own way. 

It’s only later we realize that having control over your own time is only good if you know how to manage it properly. Instead of catering to one boss, you now have to cater to many clients. Juggling multiple clients means that you can’t afford to waste time. If you want better profitability, you have to make sure that you maximize your time at work. However, much to your dismay, there are numerous distractions around you (we’re looking at you, Facebook and Instagram!). 

Fortunately, time management is something that can be learned. And you don’t even need to take a course on how to start a business to learn them. There are plenty of strategies and tips you can easily incorporate into your freelancing life, so you can stop wasting precious time.

More importantly, doing this will allow you to get all the “free” time that you dreamed of enjoying. So here are 10 time management tips for freelancers to boost your overall productivity during this trying time. 

1. Fix up Your…

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