Training Camp presented by Toyota’ premieres Tuesday on YouTube

Among the topics covered in ‘Giants Life: Training Camp Presented by Toyota’:

• Adhering and enforcing safety protocols

• Creating personal relationships with players, coaches and staff, virtually

• Coaches preparing to be on the field together for the first time and conducting mock practices

• Transitioning team operations to MetLife Stadium, a total organizational effort

• Daily COVID-19 testing, which is done in an outside trailer

• How coach Judge is maintaining normalcy and building fellowship with the team through cafeteria pods and other ways

• The outdoor weight room setup

• The return of selected Veterans and Rookies to Training Camp

Provided below are some select quotes from coach Judge in ‘Giants Life: Training Camp Presented by Toyota’:

“We’re using every space we have to make sure we give everybody the right amount of distance but also give some kind of sense of normalcy.”

“It feels great being back in person. Our staff and players did a great job working virtually through the spring. I think we definitely made the most of that, but ultimately, the beauty of being on a team is interacting with your teammates and coaches and being together.”

“There’s been a lot that we just haven’t been able to get to [before now]. We haven’t been able to be on the field with each other. We went over and did a mock practice just to physically go out on the field and stand where we would be when they’re stretching, go where we’ll be when it’s individual [drill period], or seven-on-seven, or team, when special teams period comes up, where is everybody going, how is he involved? These are things we haven’t done as a staff yet.”

“Every day, it’s come to work, do your job. We’re going to work hard. We’re building a foundation through fundamentals, effort, and toughness. And we’re going to carry that over day by day. The most important thing coming out of training camp is evaluating our team. That’s giving everybody a chance to compete, making sure that we teach them effectively, so we see how people can play fast when they know what to do.”

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