Tigris river, in Iraq, loses volume due to dammed waters in Turkey

Baghdad, Jul 30 (Prensa Latina) One of the historic rivers of humanity, the Tigris, in Iraq, is losing its vigor little by little due to dammed waters in Turkey, the media in this capital are denouncing today.
According to reports, this waterway is flowing now at very low levels.

Turkey, the upstream country, started to fill the Ilisu dam a year ago and, as a result, the Tigris halved its volume.

‘The common level is 600 cubic meters a second, and after the construction of the Turkish dam, it went down from 300 to 320,’ said Ramadan Hamza, expert in water policies and strategies of the Iraqi University of Dohuk.

Hamza said that if this pace continues, there will be a lack of water in the Iraqi towns of Dohuk, Mosul, Salahaddin, Baghdad, and al-Kut.

Director of the Water Department in Dohuk, Hezha Abdulwahed, commented that the volume of the rivers in this area decreased, despite rainfall and ice melting.

With a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters, the Ilisu dam will be another means of Turkish control of its neighbor Iraq, Hamza said.

Mesopotamia was settled on the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers over 10,000 years ago, one of the first human civilizations and from whose splendor writing, the wheel, and mathematical calculation arose.


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