David Lynch Creating Artsy YouTube Videos Amid COVID-19

Inspection time!

With most of YouTube’s most popular personalities on a never-ending scandal, apologize, and repeat cycle, a moody force with a toothy smile has emerged to make the website wholesome again: David Lynch. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the director and writer has created his very own David Lynch Theater channel, which he runs with his longtime producer, Sabrina S. Sutherland. The duo discussed the unexpected creative pivot in an interview with the Daily Beast, with Lynch admitting that he loves making weather and furniture videos so much that he wakes up at “3:30, way before the birds” to begin work. “YouTube — it connects you with the world in a way,” he explained in earnest. “You get inspiration and ideas, and away you go.” Lynch also hopes that his videos, even if they’re as simple as him assembling a mirror or praising the golden sunshine of Los Angeles, will bring viewers “real peace” for a few moments. “All diversity,” he adds, “is appreciated fully.” Why not start here, where he gives a master class in the art of varnishing.

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