YouTube: Here’s how you can watch YouTube videos together with your friends remotely

The recent events have changed almost everything and social distancing has become the new normal today. Although video conferencing and texting apps have done a decent job at reducing that distance, there are a few things that we still miss doing together with our friends and family. One of which is watching the latest videos with your friends on YouTube.

So, if you are missing those moments, then an app called Airtime allows you to video chat with friends and family and watch YouTube videos together at the same time on their respective devices. The app also lets users pause the video and have a discussion about a particular scene just like normal days. Additionally, users can also send reactions, emojis and text messages to each other.

Let’s see how to get going with the app and start watching YouTube videos together.

Download Airtime app
The Airtime app is available on both Android and iOS via Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. It is a completely free app.

Setting up the Airtime app


Open Airtime app on your smartphone and tap on Get Started button


Enter your phone number for registration and verify it using the OTP received on the given phone number


Once verified, tap on Create Room option and add other users in the room


Now, tap on YouTube option and start watching the video.

The setup process is like any other video calling app. All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone and ask the other person to install the app. Also, both need to set up the app using phone number and OTP. Once done, create an Airtime room. To do that, tap on Create Room from the home screen of the app and invite your friends. After that, tap on the Next button.

Airtime currently supports up to 5 people in a room.

How to start watching
To start watching, you’ll need to send an alert to all the participants of the room asking to start a normal video call. To do that, open the room and tap on the Hand icon. Once people have joined, select the video you want to watch together by tapping on the Popcorn icon. Once selected, tap on the Post to Room button to start watching.

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