Charity Digital – Topics – Alternative ways to boost in-house digital with out of house resources

Sometimes, all organisations have to admit they can’t do everything themselves and need a helping hand.


This is particularly the case for charities in improving their digital capabilities.


Luckily for charities, there are a number of out of house experts that can be brought on board. This includes hiring freelancers or tapping into the free support on offer from pro-bono specialists and partnerships. There is also a range of tools and platforms to help, offering access to outside support to assist charities to be more efficient and improve their operations.


Tapping into the skills of expert freelancers can be particularly advantageous as charities look to cut costs due to a loss of income amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


This means operating on a shoestring budget for some and, sadly, widespread in-house redundancies for others. To ensure charities are still innovating, particularly with digital, hiring freelancers can be an effective solution to the financial challenges ahead. For example, they don’t require holiday pay, sick leave or pension contributions compared to in-house staff.


Cancer Research is among those to consider turning to out of house resources more frequently amid the pandemic.


In July 2020 the charity announced plans to cut its workforce by 500 to meet a £300m drop in income caused by the outbreak. It says there will be a greater focus on “investing strategically for the future while contracting in other areas amidst continued financial uncertainty”.


Here we will take a look at some of the best resources and tools for supporting charities using out of house resources.

Media Trust’s volunteer platform


The Media Trust has created a useful volunteer platform that connects media and creative industry professionals looking to volunteer their skills and charities looking for communications, media and digital support.


This is already proving popular with charities. At the time of writing, there were 132 opportunities posted by charities looking for outside help.


This includes youth gambling charity GamCare-Big Deal, which is looking for support to help it create content for TikTok. This is a specialist area of social media and digital marketing that the charity has noted that it needs extra support in.


Another is the Galapagos Conservative Trust, which is looking for outside help to create its first impact report, having previously produced annual reviews.


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