The Olympics’ new marketing strategy: Going ‘direct-to-people’

A digital-led marketing approach is opening up new channels for the International Olympics Committee, allowing it to reiterate its values ahead of the postponed Tokyo 2020 Games.

This Friday it will be exactly one year before the start of the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is marking the milestone with the launch of its ‘#StrongerTogether’ campaign, showcasing the Olympic ideals of solidarity and the power of sport to unite.

IOC digital engagement and marketing director, Christopher Carroll, explains that the campaign will be supported by various initiatives earmarked for the coming months, leading up to Tokyo and then moving on towards the 2022 winter games in Beijing.

The aim is to connect with the Olympics audience through personalisation and localisation, both during the games and the months and years in between events. At the heart of the campaign is a “people-centric” approach, something Carroll describes as “direct-to-people”, with athletes taking centre stage as the main focal point for digital-led content and engagement.

Whereas in the past the IOC always relied on third parties to address audiences, under Carroll’s stewardship a data-centred strategy is focused on establishing direct relationships via personalised content.

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