Partnership to offer digital marketing training to local businesses hit by COVID-19

The content provided in the program is estimated to be worth $4,000 per business, however because of the partnerships developed, they’ve been able to drop the price down to just $250 per business.

Pura says getting the price to a reasonable number was important for all of the organizations involved.

“Obviously, income is a challenge for a number of businesses who were either unable to be open for a long time or just getting re-opened and just wondering where that next income is going to be coming in.”

“It’s very important for businesses to watch their dollars because it’s been a struggle for so many, and we understand that and the Business Resiliency Taskforce has been trying to offer as many resources as possible through this pandemic and we will continue to do so, and its been through the city and county that we’ve been able to do that.”

When asked about if newer or older businesses would apply for the program, Pura says they are expecting a mix of both.

“I believe that we will see a variety of businesses that are interested in this program. Businesses that have been around for a long time, but are looking to pivot and develop more of a digital marketing strategy and at the same time we may also see newer businesses that are just getting their feet wet and they were hit with this awful situation and (are) looking on getting their message out there to the community.”

Businesses that are interested in the program can apply as of July 21 and applications are open until August 5. Digital onboarding will begin at the end of August with in-person training beginning mid-September.

Those interested in applying for the program can do so by clicking here.

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