Candidate forum is on YouTube | Letter to the editor

I would like to thank The Leader for its coverage of the candidate forum produced by the League of Women Voters, The American Association of University Women, and KPTZ. 

We produced the forum to give voters the opportunity to listen to the three candidates running for the position of County Commissioner, District 2. (This forum has been posted to my YouTube channel. Just go to YouTube and put in my name, Dennis Daneau, and you will be able to see the forum.)

I encourage voters in Jefferson County District 2 to view this video and make an informed decision as to whom they will vote for in the primary election. 

The two top contenders will then oppose each other in the General Election. At that time, everyone in Jefferson County will be able to vote for District 2 County Commissioner. 

It is the goal of the league to promote democracy and inform voters about important issues. We do not endorse candidates.

Dennis Daneau
Chair, League of Women Voters of Jefferson County

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