Polar bear at west Japan zoo beats heat with icy treat, livestreamed on YouTube

Gogo the polar bear gnaws at an ice block with an apple in it, at Tennoji Zoo in Osaka’s Tennoji Ward on July 20, 2020. (Mainichi/Takao Kitamura)

OSAKA — Gogo, a polar bear at a zoo in this western Japan city, received an icy treat on July 20, in the form of a large block of ice with apples inside, as temperatures in the city soared above 30 degrees Celsius.

The 15-year-old polar bear was given the ice block, measuring about 60 centimeters in height and 30 centimeters in width, while Tennoji Zoo in Osaka’s Tennoji Ward was closed for the day, to prevent attracting crowds as a measure to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Osaka recorded a high temperature of 33.4 C on July 20, the highest so far this year. Zookeepers livestreamed Gogo — who doesn’t like the heat — on YouTube, as he licked and gnawed at the ice under the scorching sun.

(Japanese original by Shuntaro Sawa, Osaka City News Department)

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