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216 young adults are filling various positions across Central Illinois thanks to a state grant.

Governor JB Prtizker celebrated a month into the COVID-19 Youth Summer Program at Manual High School.

“It’s always a pleasure to witness what a difference it makes when state government actually invests in our communities,” said Gov. Pritzker.

This program paired up 216 young adults ages 16-24, with 42 companies in our area.

“By helping businesses to take on staff with not having to take on that extra payroll expense to assist with the economic recovery,” said Dr. Sharon Kherat, the Peoria Public School’s Superintendent.

One student said this experience has given him more than a line item on his resume or a couple bucks.

“Being employed at M and O has taught me great work ethic, great communication in a professional environment. It’s also taught me the importance of team work and how to effectively co-exist with your co-workers,” said Anthony Weldy, a worker in the program.

A success coach for the program that mentors the new workers said he loves watching the kids grow and gain independence.

“A young lady bought a car now she’s working two jobs. She says I have to pay insurance on my car. So they’re learning responsibility. Some kids are putting money away. They’re learning about saving,” said Steve Turner, a success coach who helps about 18 of the workers.

One of the students has been working hard to build up her savings.

“To perform administration duties such as filing, answering phones, and data entry. With my earnings, I plan on saving my money to use toward college,” said Itali Carter, another worker in the program.

Leaders said this is helping youth in areas that are in need of opportunity.

52 of the workers come from the 61603 area code, 59 come from 61604, and 53 come from 61605.

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