Powerful Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Powerful Marketing Tools- 30 must-have tools to expand your company

By Hassan Saleem

Building a thriving business requires time and effort. It is essential to have an open mind, learn new strategies, and try out different tools to remain competitive.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved to take on ever more complex forms.

Today, savvy business owners know they must leverage the power of the internet to generate more leads and convert them into paying customers.

Fortunately, a wide variety of tools is available to help in this endeavor.

Tools aimed at SEO optimization allow businesses to tweak their websites’ technical settings, identify keywords, and adjust their content to rank higher on search engines such as Google.

On a different front, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are invaluable assets when it comes to identifying and engaging leads, tracking interactions, personalizing communication, and increasing conversion rates.

Many of these tools also allow marketers to gain in-depth, actionable insights through analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

When it comes to creative aspects, marketers can take their pick amongst tools to edit images and produce breathtaking graphics.  Engaging users on social media, websites, and other channels? Check!

But more immediately, many marketers are also facing the conundrum of how to deal with the currently raging COVID-19 pandemic, and the series of lockdowns and social distancing measures it entails.

To meet this challenge head-on, a host of team collaboration and communication tools can be harnessed.

Whether your marketing team is looking to collaborate on documents, organize team conversations, have high-resolution conference calls, assign tasks, track projects, or brainstorm together – there is the right platform out there for you.

The offer of tools at marketers’ disposal is practically unlimited.

To help you pick the best ones, here is a list of 30 communication, social media, content, and digital marketing tools to improve customer relationships, increase productivity, and engage social media followers.

  1. com: Collaborate with team members from one shared hub to communicate from anywhere at any time.
  2. Buffer: Grow your audience, tell your brand story, and increase authentic social media engagement. Buffer also includes planning, scheduling, and analytics tools.
  3. Slenke: Collaborate and organize team conversations in a virtual workspace.
  4. Nextiva Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange): Provide your workforce with unified features and the ability to connect faster to improve business communications.
  5. Sprout Social: Build stronger relationships, increase social reach, engage your social media audience, and measure your performance using built-in analytics.
  6. Skype: Make voice and video calls easily. Also includes messaging and file sharing between mobile devices and computers.
  7. Canva: This is an excellent tool for non-designers to create professional-looking visuals such as social media headers, flyers, Facebook post images, and images with custom dimensions.
  8. ContentCal: Unite teams to create engaging social media content with this cross-channel collaborative tool.
  9. HubSpot: CRM, CMS, and inbound marketing tools for email marketing, blogging, building landing pages, social media, creating workflows, and generating leads. Measure your performance with HubSpot’s robust analytics.
  10. Fintenza: Evaluate the quality of traffic to your website with this advanced website analytics tool. A bot detector identifies bad traffic and shows you its type and source.
  11. Ubersuggest: Improve your SEO rankings from viewing keyword suggestions, backlink data, and top SEO pages. Ubersuggest will also generate keyword ideas for content marketing.
  12. Trello: Project management tool for brainstorming, strategizing with team members, scheduling online content, assigning tasks, creating deadlines, collaborating on projects, and tracking progress.
  13. Hosted VoIP from Nextiva: Rather than building and maintaining servers, hosted VoIP takes care of all your telephone needs with their data center.
  14. Workplace: Connect remote workers and everyone in your company no matter where they are using groups, live video, chats, and rooms.
  15. Slack: Teams can connect and share information such as documents, pictures, and files with Slack’s online messaging app instead of using long email chains.
  16. Text Optimizer: Create better-optimized content using this semantic research tool. Explore connections between your keyword phrases and terms that are related to them.
  17. Moz: Moz is a suite of free and paid SEO tools. Use them to increase traffic, visibility, and rankings. Some of the tools include backlink analysis, site audits, keyword research, and rank tracking.
  18. SpyFu: Legally spy on your competitors by getting a keyword overview of monthly searches, rank difficulty for your site and others, and profitable related keyword.
  19. Flipboard: Create your own personal magazine using curated content from sources you like and trust.
  20. PicMonkey: Edit or create images for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more using overlays, collages, and filters.
  21. ProProfs Survey Maker: Use this SaaS-based tool to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating polls, popups, surveys, and quizzes.
  22. RankActive: This is an SEO toolkit to improve your search engine rankings, track your online presence, and spy on your competition.
  23. Ahrefs: Optimize your website by running site audits, use keyword explorer to see what your customers are searching for, analyze your competition, and track your ranking progress with this comprehensive SEO toolset.
  24. ly: Shorten your URLs so they fit social media character limitations on sites such as Twitter. Use analytics to track your marketing strategies.
  25. Asana: Organize, track, and manage team projects. Create projects, chat about tasks, set deadlines and assign work to teammates from a single location. Use the suite of reporting tools to monitor project progress.
  26. Scoro: Scoro is a comprehensive project management tool. It includes contact management, reporting, team collaboration, and billing.
  27. Bitable: Create short, entertaining, and engaging videos to share on social media.
  28. Hotjar: Use heat, click and scroll maps to analyze and understand your website visitors’ behavior on your site.
  29. Time Doctor: Task management tool and time tracking software that also integrates with accounting, communications, and other project management software.
  30. Harvest: See how much time team members spend on projects or tasks and monitor your budget.

Marketing your business is an ongoing process. If you find that you are stuck in a rut, you might want to re-evaluate your strategy and the tools you are using.

Prepared by Patrick O’Brien

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