MBO Signals New Era for Global B2B Marketing Agency

Since 2002, Chief Nation has helped spark meaningful business relationships between the world’s leading technology companies and their target decision-makers. The team offer a unique, digital to human approach that blends meticulous data research, digital marketing strategies with live and virtual networking experiences together to create a truly integrated approach to B2B marketing.

With 50 years of combined experience in marketing and events, the new management team have worked hard to successfully pivot and launch a series of virtual services in the wake of Covid-19, which has since seen them win 24 new accounts in three months. As a result, their US and European footprint has grown extensively. They are set to deliver 120+ virtual events in 2020, compared to the 85 delivered in 2019.

“This year has been a significant one for Chief Nation,” said Richard Porter. “We grew the team, bought into the company – then COVID-19 hit. By pivoting to keep the company operating under challenging circumstances, we have accelerated the creation of new services and as a result have started working with many new clients.”

To support the internal changes at Chief Nation, the team have undergone an external refresh of their corporate identity. The new look and feel of the brand reflects their unique personality, and their prioritisation of human networking to develop meaningful C-suite relationships on behalf of their technology clients.

“Our approach and services have developed in recent years and we wanted the new brand to reflect this, alongside the exciting change in management structure,” said Laura Porter. “We have a really strong team here at Chief Nation and our new brand represents our attitude, our values and clearly defines our core message.”

Chief Nation helps spark meaningful business relationships for leading technology companies like Dell Technologies, Workday, Nutanix, IBM, Digital Realty, and Sitecore. Their unique, digital to human approach blends data research, digital marketing strategies with live and virtual networking experiences to ignite new business connections, drawing on a 330,000-strong community of C-level executives.

“The new era for Chief Nation brings with it a more human-centric strategic approach to generating new business relationships,” added Craig McCartney. “Face-to-face interaction is now more important than ever and this is the kind of value we are delivering for our clients. Our new brand, ethos and proposition is a representation of our new human-focused identity.”

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