Teenage farmer showcasing farm life on YouTube

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – One south central farmer who is only a teenager, is already making an impact on in the fields and on social media.

Laura Carlson was going to start farming this summer, but with the COVID-19 pandemic pushing classes online, it sped up her plans.

At 19 years old and being a part of the social media generation, Carlson’s documenting her farming experience which started only three months ago.

Carlson already has nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over three million views in just three months. Her two minute video describing the inside of a tractor cab went viral.

“It’s just crazy to me that there are that many people out there in the world that are interested in stuff that is going on her in Nebraska,” said Laura Carlson. “When I talk about videos going viral with my neighbor or people at church.. they just can’t believe why on earth people would want to watch corn grow in middle Nebraska or learn how a pivot works or anything like that.”

Carlson is a 5th generation farmer in Marquette, Neb. That’s about 80 miles west of Lincoln. The new farmer is taking summer classes and plans on graduating in the spring to become a full time farmer.

You can follow Laura’s journey on YouTube here.

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