Couple joins forces to provide healthier mind and body, even through YouTube

From reiki to jiu-jitsu, husband-and-wife team looks to promote community wellness; ‘Where one lacks in something, the other provides, creating this beautiful harmony between the two’

Bianca Azgin-Joseph is hoping to use her passion and knowledge for yoga and reiki to bring her community some healing and mental stability during the what can be emotional draining times at this moment in history. 

Azgin-Joseph has been practising yoga for four years and close to the same amount of time with regards to reiki.

Reiki, or energy healing, originated in Japan and is basically an energetic massage of the central nervous system. 

“I use a hands-on and -off technique. Hands-on is placing the hands on the body, chakras and so forth. The hands-off is hovering over the body as well as crystal therapy mixed in,” Azgin-Joseph told BarrieToday. “I always close off the session with a light sound bath with quartz crystal singing bowls.”

Azgin-Joseph says she’s following all health guidelines and likes to speak over the phone with potential clients to see where their comfort level is.

Azgin-Joseph was brought in to Evolution of Wellness on Bayfield Street in Midhurst to provide reiki treatments, but is a freelancer and had been looking into having her own studio in concert with her husband. 

“We were so excited to do something together, with my yoga and reiki and his jiu-jitsu, but COVID put a stop to that,” said Azgin-Joseph. “We connected yoga and jiu-jitsu together under the name Stasis Jiu-Jitsu and that is because both have very similar teachings. Where one lacks in something, the other provides, creating this beautiful harmony between the two.”

When an in-person studio wouldn’t work, Azgin-Joseph and her husband pushed their YouTube page.

And she says the results have been positive. 

“We want to provide a comfortable space for people that also allows growth with teachings and guidance,” said Azgin-Joseph. “Our YouTube channel helps provide videos to help continue that growth on your own time and to give those who may be stuck at home, a chance to still be a part of the community.”

With COVID keeping people mostly indoors for many weeks now and physical distancing on top of that, Azgin-Joseph believes her teachings are the perfect remedy for the current crisis. 

“I believe during this time this is something we really need. Healing our energy, our chakras, promotes stress reduction and relaxation,” she said. “It works to open any emotional or spiritual blocks while developing a deeper understanding of any issues or root causes of what the person may be dealing with physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

The Stasis Jiu-Jitsu YouTube page has many techniques for both yoga and jiu-jitsu that are available for free.

For more information on how to book an appointment for any of the services provided, email Azgin-Joseph here.

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