13 Summer Jobs In Ottawa You Can Apply For That Pay Way Over Minimum Wage

It’s not too late to get paid this summer! If your bank account has been looking a little worse for wear recently, why not consider these summer jobs in Ottawa? The Canada Summer Jobs program is helping local students to find work ASAP, and there’s so many positions available. Even better, some require no experience and pay way above the minimum wage.

Looking for work can be a pretty stressful experience, particularly if you’re new to the job market or are unsure what your particular skills are.

Fortunately, the Canada Summer Jobs program has been specifically designed to help young people find work during the summer months, and there’s so many positions available across many different sectors.

For students aged between 15 and 35 years old, there’s everything from teacher’s aides and bricklaying roles, to customer service agents and even gymnastics coach positions. The best part is, all of these jobs are located right here in the City.

If you thought a student job program might be stingy with their salaries, think again! The minimum wage in Ontario is currently $14 per hour, and many of these positions pay so much more than that.

Some positions in the student job bank actually pay up to $20 per hour, and they require no experience or specific education.

It’s time to get paid!

Sports Programs Co-ordinator 

Salary: $20/hour

Company: Nepean Nighthawks Field Hockey Club

Why You Should Apply: While the original start date for these two vacancies has passed, the company continues to post the role, so it’s still up for grabs. It’s based in Nepean and offers 35 hours per week. You need to speak English, but there’s no specific skills or education required.

Apply Here


Teacher’s Aide

Salary: $17.36/hour

Company: Children on the Hill

Why You Should Apply: While you do need to be bilingual, no specific experience or education is needed for this teaching assistant role. It’s based in Ottawa and offers 35 hours per week. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants experience in this field.

Apply Here


Soccer Coach

Salary: $19/hour

Company: Green Wave Soccer

Why You Should Apply: Located in Nepean, this position is perfect for any sports-lovers. The salary is great, but there’s only 14 hours per week up for grabs. That said, it’s a great role for somebody who’s only looking for a part-time role. No education is needed.

Apply Here

Data Administrator

Salary: $15/hour

Company: ACAO

Why You Should Apply: If you can speak English or French, this data entry job could be for you. There’s 35 hours per week on the table, and the office is located in Nepean. No particular education is needed.

Apply Here

Swimming Instructor 

Salary: $25/hour

Company: Hippo in the Bathtub

Why You Should Apply: If you’re a natural in the water, look no further. There’s three vacancies here, all paying an incredible $25 per hour for 35 hours per week. You’ll need to speak English, but no other educational requirements are listed.

Apply Here

Assistant Brand Manager

Salary: $15/hour

Company: Eight50Coffee

Why You Should Apply: If you’re interested in a career in advertising, this is a great place to start. There’s 35 hours per week on offer, and there’s two vacancies available. You don’t need any related experience or education to apply for this position.

Apply Here

Customer Service Agent

Salary: $17/hour

Company: United Voices for Autism

Why You Should Apply: This company has three roles up for grabs, all of which offer 35 hours per week. It’s located in Nepean and requires you to be bilingual. Post-secondary education is also necessary for this job.

Apply Here


Salary: $18/hour

Company: Ottawa Riverkeeper

Why You Should Apply: While there’s not too many details given about this position, they’re offering a good salary for an English or French speaker. It’s a full time summer role, and post-secondary education is preferred.

Apply Here

Gymnastics Coach

Salary: $15/hour

Company: Barrhaven Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Why You Should Apply: This Ottawa gymnastics club is looking for two would-be coaches who speak English and who have a post-secondary education. There’s 30 hours per week on offer, and it’s based in Nepean.

Apply Here

Retail Sales Associate

Salary: $14.25/hour

Company: Mermaid Pools and Hot Tubs

Why You Should Apply: While this retail role doesn’t pay the mega bucks, it’s a great starting point for anybody who’s new to the world of work. There’s no specific experience or education required, but a 35-hour per week contract is up for grabs.

Apply Here

Landscape Labourer

Salary: $16.50/hour

Company: Greely Sand & Gravel Inc

Why You Should Apply: Do you want to learn a skill and earn cash? This role is located in Greely and the company is offering an impressive $16.50 per hour, 35 hours per week. High school level education is required, and there are two vacancies available.

Apply Here

Apprentice Bricklayer

Salary: $20/hour

Company: Carpathian Masonry

Why You Should Apply: If you enjoy working outdoors, this one’s for you. Located in Dunrobin, you can earn a whopping $20 per hour, 35 hours per week. English is the preferred language and a high school education is required.

Apply Here

Assistant Store Manager

Salary: $18/hour

Company: Escape Bicycle Tours and Rentals

Why You Should Apply: If you’re bilingual, have a post-secondary education, and like bicycles, here you are. This role offers 40 hours per week, and would be great experience for anybody interested in a managerial position. Good luck!

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