‘No. 1 International Streamer’ Recreates Ninja Announcement Video

El Rubius is one of the biggest streamers in the industry with over 38 million subscribers on YouTube. That is a whopping 14 million more than Ninja. This also makes him the 36 most subscribed channel in the world. If you don’t know of him, it is high time that you do.

Rubén Doblas Gundersen a.k.a. ‘El Rubius’ or ‘elrubiusOMG’ is a vlogger and game streamer on YouTube. He started his first YouTube channel in 2006 but he couldn’t become a YouTube partner then due to a strike. Later in 2011, he launched his second channel ‘elrubiusOMG’ and his rise has been meteoric since then. He caught the public eye when he started streaming the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He was also given the Diamond play button by YouTube in 2015 for reaching 30 million subscribers.

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El Rubius imitates Ninja 

Yesterday, Rubius uploaded a teaser on Twitter, which looked like a press conference. This video has an uncanny resemblance to Ninja’s announcement when he moved to Twitch to Mixer. Take a look:

Looks fairly similar, right? With Ninja possibly coming to YouTube, looks like there is now a possibility that El Rubius will be moving to Twitch or Facebook Gaming. Rod Breslau labeled this announcement ‘Ninja 2.0.’

He also went on to say a lot more about him. Take a look:

It’s true. Rubius broke Ninja’s record with fellow Spanish streamers on YouTube gaming which had around 1.1 million concurrent viewers. All of them together amassed a total of 42 million views from that stream. Breslau continues by saying,

“the international Twitch and YouTube community is often overlooked. there are for ex several Spanish, Brazilian, French, Korean, German streamers who have even bigger followings than ‘known’ people. some of the largest streams on Twitch and YT aren’t in English. huge potential”

The amount of potential that the international community is staggering. Breslau also tweeted that he was on the ‘hype train’ for this Rubius since 2018. Take a look at what he tweeted back then.

This proves that the international community has a huge potential while catering to different languages. A twitter user tweeted this in response to Breslau’s tweet

There is no doubt that the future of the streaming industry is bright. But, it is also a future where creators producing content in their own languages will be the way to go.

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