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The Workday team wants to thank you all for your patience as we continue to work through the transition to Workday. We know how difficult it can be transitioning to a new system, especially one of this magnitude. As you may have seen, there are still corrections that we are making to our university position and worker data, as well as notifications. As we continue to work through these changes, we wanted to share some key information with you.

  • Security Roles: If you would like to view your security roles that have been assigned in Workday, there is a report available.

    • Security Roles I hold

      • From the search bar enter: Organizations I belong to and select the Organizations I Belong To report.
      • A list of the security roles you hold will be displayed in the far-right column. Other organizational information will also display.
  • Security Role Requests: In order to comply with the security governance, employees must have their security role request submitted either by the Department HR Representative, HR Partner, or Department Head. 
  • Supervisory Organization Changes: Department HR representatives have been working with the UAF HCM Implementation Team to make the necessary corrections to the Supervisory Organizations. Those updates are still in progress. You will see changes to the Supervisory Organizations as they are approved through the System Project Team. If you continue to see misalignments, please inform your Department HR Representative who will work with the UAF HCM Team to get corrections made. If you are a Department HR Representative and either haven’t submitted corrections or need to make additional corrections, please contact Colton Martin ( 
  • Time Off Balances: As leave tracking finishes out in BASIS, we will be updating the Workday time off balances after July 10th. 
  • Wage Rates/Employees missing in Workday: The UAF HCM Implementation Team will be working with Department HR Representatives and HR Partners to survey for missing wages rages and employees that were approved in BASIS by June 25th. 
  • Changing Payment Elections: In order to change your payment elections, you must either be on campus using the secured University internet or if off campus using the University VPN GlobalProtect.
  • Change Work Location: Many have expressed that they were not able to update their work location in Workday. The UAF Implementation Team provided a QRG for General Workday Fundamentals that includes information on how to update your work location or other helpful tools. We would like to additionally call out that you will need to type in the full name of your Building or type in your room number and then search for the corresponding building. 
    • Change Work Location Instructions:
      • From the search bar enter:  Change my Workspace and select the Change My Workspace Task. 
      • In the Workspace field enter building OR room (along with room number) and press enter, and a list of University building sites will appear. Select the site appropriate for your location.
      • Press the submit button at the bottom of the page.  The request will route to your manager for their review and approval.
  • Performance Reviews: Just a reminder that the due dates for classified performance reviews are changing with our move into Workday. The merit date will no longer be used to determine when classified performance evaluations are due. Performance reviews for classified employees will be completed on a calendar-year basis, with reviews due by March 31 the following year. Please note the following:
    • For classified employees with a merit date of July 1 – December 31, the period of their review for 2019 will be included in their calendar-year 2020 evaluation due by March 31, 2021 (could be up to an 18-month performance review).
    • Performance reviews for all other positions (including an optional review for extra-help hourly) will be completed in Workday and will follow the calendar-year schedule. Additional information and training on the performance review process in Workday will be announced soon.
  • Recruiting: In order to have the information needed to correctly complete a Job Requisition (job posting) in Workday, the HR Recruitment team has created a fillable form to be completed by the Job Requisition initiator.  The form asks for an email address, this email address will receive a PDF of the completed form. The PDF can then be uploaded to the “Attachments” section of the Job Requisition. If for some reason the form cannot be uploaded, please contact a member of the Central HR Recruiting Team. Here is the link for the form: The form will also be available on the HR website.
  • Workday Training: As additional trainings are being uploaded to Blackboard those enrolled will receive a notification of their enrollment. While these courses are not mandatory, they are intended to guide you in the Workday processes connected to your responsibilities as part of the management chain. By having this content available in Blackboard, you are able to access it at your convenience.
  • Incorrect routing of transactions:  Many of you who hold the role of procurement data entry specialist, expense data entry specialist, and A/P settlement specialist were seeing to-do items in your inbox regarding canceling of expense items.  This was due to an incorrect configuration regarding terminations and notification to cancel an employee’s credit card (if applicable).  A modification to this configuration is being moved to production, so we should see an end to these items in your inbox, but we will keep monitoring to ensure this is working correctly.  We have also identified a couple of other anomalies in routings and those are being worked on as well.
  • Utilizing the Driving Worktag: In reviewing activity, we have found where users are not utilizing the Driving Worktag. For the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville it is very important that the Driving Worktag be utilized for financial reporting to work correctly. The Driving Worktag will either be: Program, Designated, Grant, or Project and when utilized, will populate the remaining FDM fields. To ease the uncertainty of what Driving Worktag to use, Financial Affairs developed a Workday Translator tool. Once you select the link you will be asked to enter your username and password.  There are several ways of searching the tool, but the main purpose of this tool is to allow you to search for the Driving Worktag that represents your legacy BASIS cost center. For example: If I am in Honors College and I want to create a requisition that is to be charged to Instructional Support and my legacy BASIS cost center is:  010204163110000, I can search by that cost center, or by the BU, and the Driving Worktag will be available.  In this example, the Driving Worktag is:  PG002611 (The PG represents Program, so this number would be entered in the Program field).  Entry of this number then populates the other required fields.  If the Driving Worktag has a DS in front of the number, that represents Designated, GR = Grant and PR = Project.  It is best practice to delete any financial related worktags in the line before selecting the Driving Worktag. NOTE:  Do not delete the AASIS, Site or PSR Worktags.  The Workday Translator tool only hosts data for Company: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  For other companies related to UAF, please work with your senior finance personnel for translation information.  This would include:  System Office, Archaeological Survey, CJI, Clinton School, and AREON.

As part of the Workday implementation, a Help Portal has been created for logging any issues.  Issues can include, but are not limited to, access to the Workday app, issues with role assignments, or questions regarding various business processes.  The Help Portal is accessed from the homepage.

Once you access the Help Portal you will select one of the support areas depending on the assistance needed.  The available options are: Business Services, Financial Services, HCM or Information Technology. When you select one of those options, you will then be presented with a list of topics to choose from.  The ticket that is created will route to the appropriate level of support, and depending on the complexity of the issue, will be elevated to the Workday Support Center, if needed.




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