Shubham Mishra’s YouTube Is India’s Rape Culture In a Nutshell

From what I could gather, visually, Mishra’s brand is basic AF. Just like Hindustani Bhau (another problematic social media influencer), he too sits in a car and talks to the camera. He begins all his videos with “Satyamev Jayete” and he refers to his followers as “Hosle buland army,” which roughly might translate to “courageous army.” He has 2,97,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Now, I am no expert in badassshubham’s rise to fame but I did take a sample size of 15 random and relatively recent videos and noticed that most of the people who comment on his videos seem to be Indian males (going by their names). And honestly, if that’s his target audience then I guess I have no reason to be surprised by his content.

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