5 news that happened in digital marketing this week

Throughout the week we witnessed a series of changes in social networks and digital platforms, to which marketers must be aware.

Communication on social networks has been detonated during the contingency.

Social networks are a key medium in communication and commercial objectives.

Communication has been one of the critical areas in recent days, in which the contingency for COVID-19 in which we find ourselves has rethought digital activities.

An element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us about the importance of having a strategy today, through which communication elements are developed, that help us to amplify the results, especially at this moment in time. that the COVID-19 pandemic is focusing the communication strategy on commercial results.

As expected, throughout the week a series of events have occurred that remind us how important it is to have a strategy that understands the capacity that exists in the various digital resources.

Twitter is working on a subscription model

Twitter could be working on a subscription model with which the platform would be diversifying its income, especially now that the COVId-19 contingency is rethinking communication.

One element that has caught the attention of this announcement is that Twitter has begun to recruit professionals to focus on the development of this service. As expected, the opportunity that brands have found has been increasingly detonated with services that offer new work resources, which undoubtedly opens the opportunity in the market.

Contraction in Facebook advertising

Socialbakers carried out the study « State Social Media Marketing: Facebook Vs. Instagram » where it was revealed that Instagram leads in engagement and in the size of the audience, however a contraction in the investment that these brands make in one of the star areas of this social network.

This insight warns us of the role brands are playing in communication through social networks, with an element that is noteworthy, since the investment in advertising within Facebook News Feed has contracted, compared to the previous two quarters, which sets a benchmark for how brands are behaving digitally these days.

Instagram makes changes to the comments

Comments have become a new communication strategy for brands on social networks and, as expected, platforms are taking advantage of these options to generate more communication and commercial results.

Instagram has launched the pinned function, with which it allows its users to anchor up to 3 comments per publication, seeking to improve the conversation through these platforms at a time when this interaction has increased more and more, especially pursuing commercial objectives, which is where we have sought to guide communication and the role that this activity offers for brands.

TikTok launches advertising services

Tiktok has released a series of elements with which it seeks to enhance advertising capacity, now that communication on social networks has become increasingly consolidated.

An element that stands out from Tiktok is that this social network has become increasingly consolidated, due to the multimedia interaction it offers through its content.

The new services offered by the platform are called Tiktok Business and allow companies to achieve better communication goals through creative tools, flexibility in budgets, so the investment can be adjusted for the level of experience sought achieve and a better performance target as well as business accounts.

LinkedIn and a nine function on its platform

LinkedIn has released a new function with which it seeks to improve the experience of the platform, for subscribers to this service.

The social network has a tool that allows platform users to know how to pronounce the name of the person whose profile they are reviewing.

The measure is an interesting action with which this platform is updating the resources through which it seeks to improve engagement in a medium that has become key in professional interaction.


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