What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important for Startups

Digital marketing is a number of tools that many modern organizations use to create customers with their products and services. It involves using digital outlets like web sites, social platforms, and computer programs as marketing channels. There are a wide range of options in digital marketing encompassing many different techniques.

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Some marketing practices that are categorized as digital marketing include:

  • Search engine marketing (search engine optimization, and pay-per-click digital advertising)
  • Blogging
  • Content marketing (everything from podcasts and video marketing to infographics)
  • Social media marketing and networking on platforms like Linkedin or Facebook
  • Viral marketing
  • Infomercials

Digital marketing activities have several advantages over old-fashioned marketing practices. For one, digital marketing strategies can reach a massive audience of potential customers. The internet is now available in nearly every the main world, and the amount of Internet users grows annually. Secondly, internet marketing can be quite an easy task to put in place and track. 

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Contrary from what you might assume, digital marketing is not merely for big firms and businesses. Small businesses and, indeed, startups can leverage the power of digital channels to build their brands, get leads, and reach more of their audience. In fact, startups frequently need all of the help they could get to lift business off the ground. Here are a number of the ways that startup businesses can best use digital marketing strategies. 

Gain Insights into The Market with Digital Marketing

Digital advertising models use trackable metrics that show marketing performance and behavior of customers. This information is useful in informing business decisions and optimizing marketing approaches. An entrepreneur just starting out in the commercial world might find these insights particularly helpful as they choose media channels and refine digital marketing campaigns.

Many entrepreneurs jump in to businesses senselessly without a clear marketing plan or plan of action. Business is inherently risky, so “winging it” could be a recipe for disaster. It’s essential to serve market you understand and can predict, digital marketing enables you to accomplish that.

High ROI on Marketing Efforts 

The initial phases of a company are critical and difficult. Many startups struggle with managing expenses and available resources. Low cashflow is a standard problem with many startups, and it can lead to business failure. So, most early-stage companies have become cautious about their spending. This is where digital marketing comes in handy.

Compared to old-fashioned marketing styles, some digital marketing methods tend to be more cost-effective. Email marketing, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION or PPC campaigns can cost almost no to launch and run. Also, digital marketing tactics can generate impressive ROI if completed well. This type of marketing can reduce steadily the upfront startup marketing cost considerably.

Many entrepreneurs assume that digital marketing is highly expensive. Well, this may be the case for some practices, such as Google adwords or Facebook adverts. But for organic digital marketing – efforts like SEO, guest blogging, or social media, outreach doesn’t cost that much. So, there’s no justification why a startup shouldn’t start using digital marketing channels. The results, in most cases, a lot more than justify any costs incurred.

Keep Up with the Competition using Digital Marketing

The good and bad thing about the digital space is that it levels the playing field for all organizations, big and small. This is good for startups though. It means even digital marketers at new businesses can go head-to-head with established cooperate giants.

The success of digital marketing has nothing to do with how big is the businesses. It’s all about pinpointing and taking advantage of market opportunities. Despite dominant influence of large competitors, startups can still contend by taking benefit of digital marketing techniques.

Drive Conversions and Sales 

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to operate a vehicle conversations and sales, both on line and locally. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether your business is a brick-and-mortar shop or an online e-commerce store. Digital marketing will still prove of use. Startups may use inexpensive processes to boost sales during the critical early stages. That generates the revenue had a need to grow.

Many organizations use digital marketing to keep online presence, increase sales, spread brand awareness, and promote new ideas. Startups can do the exact same, and without necessarily engaging in expensive marketing campaigns.

John Boitnott

CEO, Boitnott Consulting LLC

A journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott has worked at TV, print, radio and Internet organizations for 25 years. He’s an advisor at StartupGrind and has written for BusinessInsider, Fortune, NBC, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur and Venturebeat. You can see his latest work with his web log,

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