One Percent gamer house gave a mansion tour with gaming setups

Moving into a house together has become a rite of passage for online creators, from YouTube to Vine, to most recently, TikTok. 

Six YouTube gamers, formerly from the Luminosity Gaming esports group, created One Percent, a new organization. The new channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers, and between them they have millions. After bragging that they bought the house with their earnings from YouTube and “Fortnite,” they took viewers on a tour of their new house, focusing on gaming areas and the pool. 

The mansion is full of contrasts, like a kitchen that would make a Nancy Meyers fan swoon while the gamers have mini fridges and snack drawers in their rooms, or a baby grand piano possibly played by Frank Sinatra and rooms adorned with Funko Pops. 

Take a look inside.

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