Musician explores relationship to technology in new album

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A DIY musician and producer located in Sudbury is getting ready to release an album that explores our relationship to technology during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Barss will release a new experimental alt rock album titled “Orchestration” on July 17 – a date that also happens to be his 25th birthday.

“I am really excited about this upcoming album, and I’ve been really pushing the promotion behind it because I think it’s really gone to another level sonically,” he said.

“I’ve done a lot of experimental stuff in the past, but with this album, I was going for more of an alternative rock vibe that speaks to people in a way but also deals with some of the issues that we are hearing and seeing around us every day.”

All 10 songs on the album were recorded in Barss’ home studio located at his residence in the Flour Mill during provincial lockdown. The album was mastered by KRAMER of Shimmy Disc fame who, according to Barss, said it was some of “the most interesting music he had heard in a long time.”

Thematically, the album addresses concepts like technological desensitization, media saturation and queer identity. Songs often combine 90s alternative rock with electronic influences like Aphex Twin and Gary Numan.

“The whole album thematically deals with my own experience with technology, since I work in the software industry, and how it relates to people. Technology kind of puts up this wall of desocialization and desensitization to people’s issues and how we kind of look at everything through this big glass filter that is our computer screen,” he said.

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