How Covid-19 Outbreak Has Affected Photography Industry And The Post Lockdown Era, Explains Photographer Tanmay Mainkar

Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the entire globe and has almost brought all industries functioning in the society to a standstill. Ace celebrity photographer Tanmay Mainkar got candid with us to discuss the effects of this pandemic on the photography industry and the future of the industry post this lock down.

Locdown imposed in the country due to Coronavirus outbreak will have a large scale impact on photography industry with cancellation of events, studio shutdowns, no work for freelancers and delivery issues.

Photographers are facing a lot of backlash on their business due to the lockdown. And also financially as photographers have no work at a time like this. This has also Impacted the whole Photography Industry, including all the freelancers.

Speaking about how Coronavirus outbreak has hampered the industry, Tanmay said: “Pandemic situation is affecting the photography industry in many dramatic ways. Professional photographers like us are facing weeks of canceled sessions and the postponement of major shoots like print campaigns. Majorly some weddings have been canceled, whereas some decided to have less photographers teams with less budget. New project have been delayed as manufacturing are forced to close.”

On asking his views on new trends in the photography industry, he said, “During the pandemic distance photography is trending a lot. Many photographers are sitting in their homes and shooting models and actors over video call, it’s quite a cool concept.”

Shedding some light on the collaboration culture existing in the industry, Tanmay adds, “It’s forever in the industry I feel, but yes after monetary crunch it will increase more. I just hope that some people will understand if they being actors and models cannot do their work in collaboration then they shouldn’t expect collaboration from photographers after some point.”

“We all are going from hard time and rather than expecting collaboration from photographers we all need to help each other, may be we don’t get famous as actors and models but we also do hard work to reach where we are today,” he added.

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