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The news of Mixer shutting down definitely came as a surprise to everyone. They had two of the best streamers in the world, Ninja & Shroud, on their side but still failed to make an impact. Reports suggest that both of them took home millions of dollars each and were free to stream on any platform of their choice. The question then is, where will they go?

A YouTube test schedule spotted by Fortnite leaks and news provider HYPEX suggested that Ninja had a test stream scheduled on YouTube. Take a look:

This got everyone thinking if he had already made a decision to move to YouTube Gaming. His wife, Jessica Belvins, added fuel to the fire when she tweeted “You’ve all been patient….this week will be fun.”

Ninja, who is currently a free-agent, went live on YouTube yesterday alongside TimTheTatman, CouRage & DrLupo, some of the industry’s biggest streamers. They were playing the battle royale squads and Ninja obviously ended up winning in his first-ever game stream on YouTube. Take a look at it here:

While he was live, the viewership was off the charts. Popular esports insider news provider, Rod Breslau tweeted that he had around 150,000 peak, concurrent viewers. For your first stream on YouTube, that is absolutely insane!

That’s not all. Ninja replied to that tweet correcting the number.

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Ninja first YouTube stream Reactions

This just proves the kind of fan following Ninja has and the viewership he can bring to YouTube if he signs an exclusive deal. He is still the most subscribed Twitch streamer even though he hasn’t streamed there in like a year. Take a look at some of the best twitter reactions to Ninja’s first YouTube stream:

This still doesn’t confirm that he is moving to YouTube Gaming. This was just a test stream even though it seems the deal is already sealed. Rod Breslau confirmed this when he tweeted,

“sources: Ninja is currently in negotiations with streaming platforms and no exclusive deal has yet been signed, including YouTube. today’s YouTube live stream from Ninja is all on his own. maybe he’ll stream on Twitch too.”

Although, the Twitch return seems highly unlikely considering they had a ‘bad breakup.’ As Mrs. Belvins tweeted, we’ll most likely hear of a decision this week.

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