Blackpink’s Historic Debut On YouTube Shows Just How Big They’ve Become In The Past Year

Late in June, Blackpink officially returned with their comeback single “How You Like That,” which arrived in audio form on streaming platforms and download stores and in a visual medium on YouTube. The video that accompanied the song quickly broke the record for the most plays in a 24-hour period, racking up an incredible 86.3 million times in one day. 

The group certainly celebrated that major win, and it was widely reported, but what some failed to note is not just how large that number is, but how much bigger it is than the same group’s previous record.

“How You Like That” broke the record for most views on YouTube in 24 hours, which was held by BTS’s “Boy with Luv” (which features pop singer Halsey), by more than 10 million plays. That’s a huge sum, but it’s not nearly as massive as the difference between Blackpink’s two most recent music videos.

The South Korean girl group made history in April 2019 when they premiered their music video for the single “Kill This Love,” which also went on to become a global hit. The visual was viewed 56.7 million times, which at the time stood as the largest single-day accumulation in YouTube history. Since then, it has been passed by four clips, including Blackpink’s latest.

It’s impressive that Blackpink was able to top their own best performance on YouTube, but the amount by which they improved is extraordinary. In just 24 hours, “How You Like That” racked up nearly 30 million more plays than “Kill This Love” did in the same span of time, which is an enormous jump. It’s understandable that a group like Blackpink might be able to rise higher and higher and accrue more clicks as their career progresses, but beating their own record by nearly 50% is astonishing.

Blackpink’s first-day view count gains are a sign that while they were already hugely popular, the past year has been excellent for them. Their base has grown considerably, anticipation played into their plan perfectly, and their fans are organized and know how important it is that they keep pressing play on a new video once it becomes available.

Everything Blackpink has done in 2020 has been bigger than anything they’ve accomplished before, but their performance on YouTube, which has helped them blow everyone else away and make history in the process, may be their most impressive showing so far.

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