An online diploma will help you in your digital marketing strategy

An online graduate has the best recommendations for you to implement a digital marketing strategy with results.

In Online Diploma in Digital Marketing organized by the Marketing School, you will learn to implement with results the various online tools that we have at hand, to achieve commercial results, thanks to this you can build a good marketing plan, with guidelines that will help you achieve effective results.

With this diploma you will learn to identify the aspects that you can carry out, with actions that will help you as a professional or your company, to achieve greater assertiveness in the results you achieve.

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Among the goals of the Diploma are:

The most appropriate communication techniques within digital marketing.

Fully understand the digital environment

Know how to implement a digital advertising campaign

Measure the results of a strategy

Strategic digital marketing

The legal resources that will help your digital strategy

Social networks and the impact they have on your digital branding

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The Diploma is made up of five modules:

Module 1

You have the fundamentals in digital marketing, such as its key concepts, the tools you can play, transmedia storytelling and how to integrate the digital shopper in the new digital media.

Module 2

You will learn everything in digital branding, such as web conversion, measurement of performance metrics, use of SEO, Mobile Marketing and native advertising, plus you will learn to build an online media plan.

Module 3

You will know how to prepare a digital planning from the setting of objectives to the execution of strategic actions and the selection of channels that help optimize your actions.

Module 4

Regarding the interactive legislation that you will learn in the fourth module, you will be able to know all the details such as data protection, regulations in digital advertising, the rights and obligations that you must comply with in digital matters, as well as the prohibited use of trademarks.

Module 5

Regarding social media, you can analyze the behavior through these platforms, implement an organic outreach strategy against the paid one, as well as the operation of the algorithms of the social networks.


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