An Innovative Approach: Digital Marketing Within the Solar and Storage Sectors

With the Solar & Storage DigiCon in the starting blocks (official launch on July 15, 2020), the initiators Joint Forces for Solar and the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance – IBESA are building one of the most important platforms for digital marketing of the industry.

Bonn, 9 July 2020. In a globalized solar and storage market, potential customers and business partners now more than ever use online research as a base for their decisions. This year’s cancelled conferences and other professional events leave few other ways for gaining enough knowledge and keeping pace with the developments of the sector. The time has come to leverage communication channels to its full advantage. Digital marketing can be more than a homepage focused on sales, but company representatives can rise in their role as ambassadors for sustainable energy in a virtual and borderless environment.

“Companies from the solar and energy storage sector have the great possibility to be on the educational frontline about sustainable energy, its prospects and technical improvements”, says Ron Shen, Vice President of International Sales at GoodWe, one of the Founding Partners of the Solar & Storage DigiCon. “By gaining the trust of potential partners and customers, not only the big player, but also smaller brands can build long-lasting connections and show the great options of energy transition, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world step by step.”

A 2016 Twilio survey shows that already in that year consumers did not want to only be informed about products and development steps but to engage in conversation with businesses (» Twilio 2016). While of course there has been much improvement in the last years and most companies became adequately digital, even today 25% of customers are frustrated to have difficulties finding even basic details about businesses online while the proportion of customers who expect really fast responses rose another 5% (for online live chat) respectively 3% (for chat bots) from 2018 to 2019 (» Drift 2020), increasing requirements for companies operating online.

So to really connect with customers and business partners and to stay up to date about technical development, a more personal engagement is the key – in times of limited contact more than ever. Therefore, the personal appeal to those focus groups per well-maintained social media appearances and direct contact at online events, such as the Solar & Storage DigiCon, offer the best chances to stay connected and to build up sustainable trust. With the latter also providing the possibility to join expert webinars and live chats with expert speakers, the soon to be launched e-marketplace is a perfect representation of the educational aspect digital marketing platforms can have.

„We at Mounting Systems are very excited to be a part of the world’s first e-marketplace in the solar industry. Especially during these difficult times, where physical meetings and events are being restricted, we find it even more important to reach out to our customers and other stakeholders by digital means. We are happy to see that JF4S and the IBESA turned the challenging situation into something new and innovative while bringing the interesting parties from all over the world together for meaningful exchange. We are looking forward to seeing you all at our digital booth!” says Michael Sehner, CEO of Mounting Systems GmbH.

The Solar & Storage DigiCon starts on July 15 at 9 am CET. It is a first of its kind virtual environment and serves as an integrated platform for companies to present their products and services, but also to show innovations and foster accelerated knowledge exchange.

» Registration is already open!

For further information on the platform as well as the associated opportunities and functionalities, please feel free to contact the operations team at any time or visit

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