How to Succeed as a Freelancer

Many people dream of being able to work for themselves, although they often lack the courage of their convictions to branch out on their own.

( — July 7, 2020) — Many people dream of being able to work for themselves, although they often lack the courage of their convictions to branch out on their own.

Becoming a freelancer certainly comes with plenty of risks attached, but with hard work and dedication it is entirely possible to succeed.

Being your own boss and choosing your own working hours are two of the main reasons people decide to go freelance, but they should not be the only considerations.

Read on as we provide you with some key tips that we believe will help you become a truly successful freelancer.

Choose work you are passionate about 

Many people end up stuck in careers that they hate, but freelancing gives you the opportunity to pick something more suitable to your individual tastes.

Freelancers often thrive in creative industries such as media or arts, although there are plenty of other sectors to choose from.

Ultimately, it is important to pick something that you have a passion for, as this will ensure that you maximise your enjoyment of going it alone.

Whatever path you decide to head down, make sure that you are prepared to go the extra mile for your customers to set yourself apart from your competition.

Establish a strong online presence

Getting yourself noticed is a key element to being a successful freelancer, so it is vital to establish a strong online presence across various platforms.

Start by investing resources into a website – this will help to get you noticed and you’ll be able to recoup your initial outlay by monetising your site further down the line.

Social media is also hugely important, so make sure that you engage professionally on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Platforms of this nature not only help you to grow your personal brand, but also provide you with invaluable networking opportunities that can generate new clients.

Keep improving

Time and success don’t stand still and neither should you. In a competitive environment, you  should always be investing in yourself and improving your existing skills or adding new skills to your arsenal.

Are you an effective oral communicator but struggle over email & text? Use these writing tips to become a better writer and win in print as well as on voice.

Do you excel in front-end design? Learn a back-end development language or stack, and you’ll immediately start standing out from the crowd.

You should look at being in the top 1% of your primary discipline, and then add 2-3 additional skills (where being in the top 10% would be enough in this case) that complement your personality and core skills, and really help you stand out from the crowd.

Be flexible and don’t undersell yourself

If you have been used to working 9-5, you may end up being taken aback by the number of hours you will need to put in as a freelancer, particularly during the early days.

However, you will have complete control over the portfolio of clients you build and be able to formulate a working pattern that suits your personal circumstances.

It is also vital to ensure that you don’t get caught in the trap of undervaluing your work – you have an important skill and should be rewarded properly for using it.

As a freelancer you are likely to have less overheads so will be able to help your customers make savings, but make sure that you are paid at the level the quality of your work deserves.

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