3 effects that will be in digital marketing after the boycott of Facebook

Although it seems that the media agenda begins to relax regarding the so-called boycott against Facebook and other social networks, this does not mean that the situation will not have an impact; in fact for some specialists it will be significant.

The situation is not minor, it is said that the Menlo Park company cost more than $ 7.2 billion in market capitalization value and, one month after starting it is estimated that they are more than 500 advertisers those who have suspended their advertising investment in the social network.

For many specialists the call to Facebook to stop allowing the spread of hate and misinformation content will have important changes in the way of doing marketing. According to Ray Wang of Business 2 Community there will be at least three changes:


For the director of digital marketing agency RW Digital, the cost per click is likely to drop for industries where some of the big brands that suspended their advertising investments are located; remember that some of the pes heavyweights ’are Unilever, Coca-Cola and Microsoft. His argument is that this decline will provide a great opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to maximize their paid Facebook traffic.

Advertising guidelines

Among the measures planned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company are to eliminate hate speech and the dissemination of disinformation on their platforms, they will be guidelines designed to prevent users or advertisers from publishing discriminatory or considered hateful content. In this sense, the expert points out that artificial intelligence is likely to be used to scan media or texts that users want to publish and assess whether the content is against Facebook’s guidelines. If the content violates the new guidelines, the content will not be published; This is what brands must take care of when generating content, whether prescribed or organic.

Ad placement

Considering the context, it is anticipated that the measures taken by Facebook will favor advertisers because it will be less risky that their ads appear together or in content that contains misinformation or hate. According to Wang, « Radical actions by global brands like Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company will definitely help the marketing world move in the right direction. »


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