TraceSafe Inc introduces its IMSafe Gateway technology for quarantine use

The IMSafe Gateway is a GPS and LTE-enabled device that can replace the need to pair mobile phones in both Tracesafe’s iMSafe and AllSafe products

TraceSafe Inc () (OCTMKTS:UTOLF) announced Monday the introduction of its IMSafe Gateway technology for quarantine use. 

The IMSafe Gateway is a GPS and LTE-enabled device that can replace the need to pair mobile phones in both TraceSafe’s iMSafe and AllSafe products, the company said. 

TraceSafe said its products require a connection to the Internet, which was previously provided when a user’s smartphone was paired to their Tracesafe wristband. But the new TraceSafe IMSafe Gateway eliminates the need for the smartphone entirely by pairing the wristband to the Gateway directly.

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Deployments with Gateways are designed to dramatically streamline the user experience because it provides a clean end-to-end solution with no app download or user-initiated bluetooth pairing required, the company said. The user simply plugs in the Gateway and the wristband is already paired. 

TraceSafe expects the Gateway to accelerate adoption where privacy and security are paramount and limited user technical ability is a barrier to adoption. And the Gateway product also provides coverage for users who may not have ready access to smartphones, like senior citizens or very young users.

How it works

While most quarantine wristbands rely on mobile phones for connectivity to the internet, as well as GPS for location, Gateway technology is independent of the mobile phone, TraceSafe noted.

Its Gateway device combines LTE service and GPS to complete the functionality of the IMSafe platform. It also further enhances privacy protection by eliminating the need for using a mobile phone.

“We continue to innovate so that our products can help everyone in need, regardless of access to technology,” TraceSafe CEO Dennis Kwan said in a statement. “There are other applications delivering app-based functionality but we believe there are none outside of TraceSafe offering as complete a solution that can cover entire populations.” 

He added: “This LTE Gateway is yet another essential building block in providing seamless and secure connectivity for rapid deployment. We anticipate that this new product line can open up significant opportunities in the government health and corporate sector where most of these deployments are currently happening.”

TraceSafe’s stock recently traded up by 6.3% to $0.85 a share in New York and rose by 5% to C$1.25 a share in Canada. 

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