The PS5’s Potential Price Is Being Floated In A New Marketing Survey

While neither Sony nor Microsoft have announced the prices for the PS5 or Xbox Series X yet, despite the fact that in any other year with E3, that would have already happened, they may not even know what it is themselves yet.

That is evidenced by the fact that Sony (though probably also Microsoft) is still doing market research about what the price should be. And it may give us some insight into what the price may end up being in the end.

This comes from redditor u/youessbee (sent in by reader JellyBelly) who is a frequent taker of surveys like this for extra cash. The Nielsen survey asks about two “randomly generated” potential prices for the PS5, £349 for the disc-drive one and the digital-only edition at £259.

So, pound to US dollar conversion would be:

£349 = $435

£259 = $323

So yes, that is absurdly cheap, though the survey-taker says that when they see prices in this sort of survey, that usually the final product ends up being 20% more expensive. So that would leave us with

Disc-drive PS5: $522

Digital-only PS5: $387

That sounds more “reasonable” and yet coming in under $400, even for the digital version, does seem rather low, and I would not expect that to happen. Given that this is a marketing survey, they are likely surveying all the possible range of prices just so they can have data like “95% of survey participants say they would be ‘very interested’ in a PS5 at $387” even if that doesn’t end up being financially possible.

I think the thing I am most curious about is the wide gap in prices between the disc-drive PS4 and the digital-only PS4. A gap that almost seems too wide to me to be realistic. While I would expect at least a $50 disparity between the two, the gap here is $135. Again, that seems high, but could the gap be say, $100? If so, that would be kind of a gamechanger.

We don’t know if Microsoft will have a disc-free version of the Series X. If they do, it would likely be secondary, lower-spec console Xbox Lockhart lacking a disc drive to become even cheaper, in addition to its other power sacrifices like no 4K gameplay. But if Sony could manage to get the digital-only PS5 down to $400 or so, that would be a huge deal.

Again, this is all just market research, but it does give at least a glimpse into the window of Sony’s thought process here.

So, what’s the price you would pay for each type of console?

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