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Celebrities launching YouTube channels has become the latest trend during this lockdown. Actor Vijayalakshmi, who recently launched her channel, Its VG, with a video on her Mini Cooper Convertible, says, “Men have spoken a lot about cars; it’s time women speak about it too.

My car is my second home and most people have this kind of special connection with their cars and bikes, and have a story behind it. I’m very intrigued by this. Instead of talking about them as just products, I will explore this personal connection.” Calling her channel one-of-a-kind, she explains, “It’s a lifestyle channel that, aside from cars, will also cover topics such as cooking, makeup, family, fashion, dieting, parenting, social messages, films, and more, but specifically with a fresh and engaging perspective.”  Though she does not reveal names, Vijayalakshmi shares that her celebrity friends will also feature in upcoming videos and discuss their love for cars.

“I’d like to keep the suspense going on my upcoming videos. It could be a video on food, or with a celebrity, or even a short film; it’s fun to keep guessing.” Once the lockdown ends and things return to normalcy, Vijayalakshmi hopes to explore travel videos as well. “Though this lockdown pushed us to create the YouTube channel, I feel there will be many more things to explore once it ends.”

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