Garrett Mandigo: Using timeless success principles and intense energy to spark the digital marketing space

Garrett, sometimes known G Money online, has led the growth of many individuals and small business over the years through his exceptional leadership skills, as well as sales and marketing expertise

Times change, and so do people; many industries see the surge of growth while many still try to make their place firm in the market. One industry that has only seen growth, especially for the past few years is the vast world of digital marketing. This industry has been the reason behind the growth and development of many firms, businesses and entrepreneurs. But, most importantly, there are people behind these sectors who put in their blood and sweat in making their clients expand their online presence and help in growing their name and businesses in popularity. One such entrepreneur who has been a strong force for many is Garrett Mandigo from Charlotte, NC.

Mandigo is a serial entrepreneur that owns business in several industries. Recently stepping into digital marketing he has launched The Highly Effective Agency partnering with his girlfriend Lauren, a long time professional model. Collectively they have combined her background in entertainment/film with his fitness and sales background to help clients build a plan, spark inspiration, and keep their brand or business growing through social media management, content creation, promotion/lead generation, influencer marketing, and much more.

However, to really understand Mandigo, let’s get started by looking the background of this highly driven, spark plug” as some have referred to him.

Garrett started at the young age of 18 working at Finish Line selling sneakers. After jumping around leadership positions at retail places such as Dicks Sporting Goods and Nike he was finally able to find a career that fit him when he got into general management of corporate gyms like Gold Gyms, Workout Anytime and LA Fitness.

At every gym that he worked in, he was successful in scaling each one of them and takes pride in hitting every sales goal he was ever given. He has been an exceptional trainer as well, developing many others that went on to become leaders in the industry. His free time was always filled with competitive bodybuilding. This, in a way, taught many lessons to Mandigo in terms of consistency, discipline, and commitment to a long term vision.

At the young age of 23 he was offered a promotion. A new gym in a new city. He was faced with a tough decision. Stay the course and be a gym guy” for life, or follow his gut that he was destined for more.

It didnt take long for him to know the answer. Not only did he not want the promotion, he quit the whole space and dove head first into entrepreneurship.

Using the marketing and lead generation skills that he learned while working in the fitness industry along with his intense natural drive from bodybuilding; he was able to scale a number of local small businesses.

But, as life is never meant to be easy at all times; Mandigo too has faced many struggles in life, from losing his 18year old brother suddenly 5 years ago, to businesses failing and partners backing out, but he never gave up and he never stopped pursing his goals.

After a fallout with a former partner and legal headache, he knew he needed to keep pushing himself and growing. He needed something new.

This led him to move to Los Angeles, California. Mandigo connected with a few  small cannabis growers and scaled their operations. Having been a long time medical cannabis patient this was fulfilling venture, and found quick success for Mandigo.

Today, he is working with some of the best digital marketers and social media influencer in the industry to optimize the platform to help others create the influencer business model/lifestyle. The combination of influencer marketing and sales expertise by Mandigo is used to scale brands, bring attention, drive traffic, close sales and create enormous revenue for clients.

Garrett has carved his career as a leader, mentor and coach to others and loves to inspires them through his incredible motivational speeches. Along this process, and a lot to do with his aforementioned girlfriend Laurens experience with bad managers, their company, Highly Effective Agency serves as a professional management team to work on their talents behalf. They helps them help book jobs, find brand deals, networking and creating online revenue, while having safe, fair; representation in professional settings.

With his hands in many places, youre sure to hear his name a lot in the coming years. This is one rising entrepreneur you definitely want to connect with. You can find him on Instagram at @garrett_mandigo or YouTube @highlyeffective

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