BTS, Blackpink And Twice Prove That K-Pop Rules YouTube

From the moment it was released, Blackpink’s new music video for their single “How You Like That” was bound to become a blockbuster, but few could have predicted exactly how massive it would be…though those who are paying close attention to what performs best on YouTube likely had an idea that history was about to be made by the clip.

Even before anybody had head the song or watched the treatment, it was obvious that the group’s latest was going to be massive, as they are one of the most popular names in K-pop, and the genre rules YouTube in many ways, especially when it comes to making a new upload an immediate and undeniable smash.

In just 24 hours, “How You Like That” was watched 86.3 million times, according to YouTube itself. That’s not just a new record for the most plays in a single 24-hour period, it’s more than 10 million clicks higher than the previous best showing. 

“How You Like That” now sits at No. 1 on the list of the videos which have earned the most plays in a single day on YouTube, and Blackpink is joined by several of their countrymen. A quick look at the top 10 on this ranking shows that new releases from the biggest figures in K-pop are consumed at a voracious rate that even the most adored rappers and pop stars in the Western world can often only dream of.

The top 10 on that ranking of the YouTube videos which have been played the most in a single 24-hour stretch shows that South Korean musicians occupy seven spots. BTS leads the way with four of the 10 most successful visuals in this regard, Blackpink comes in second with a pair of smashes and fellow girl group Twice rounds out the region at No. 10 with their beloved clip “Fancy.”

This ranking is sure to change again, but chances are the next music video that will be instantly popular enough to land inside the top 10 will be from BTS, Blackpink, or perhaps another K-pop giant, as fans of the genre (and it’s leaders) are eager to see what their favorites have come up with, and then to watch them over and over again without waiting between views.

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