Using freelancers to scale a business and stay competitive

A failure to scale a business properly can give the competition the upper hand. (Rawpixel pic)

In modern terms, scaling means identifying which accelerated development methods to use to grow a company.

Each project is different and has the opportunity to scale with different economic possibilities. But all projects start with a smart investment that results in more clients, more sales and better business opportunities.

Take an online gift store that is drowning in orders right now and the customer service section is understaffed. Would management hire more staff knowing that the rest of the year will be unpredictable?

Well, thanks to freelancers, virtual assistants can be hired to work on a project-by-project basis. Scale personnel during the high season with all the flexibility and trustworthiness needed.

Why is scaling one of the best ways to remain competitive?

The scalability of any project or business is both a motor that keeps it going and a compass that tells the project where to go.

Keep in mind that, nowadays, almost all businesses and projects face a lot of competition, both physically and digitally.

And if the best business model is not chosen well and prospective clients are not offered an unforgettable experience, it is likely these clients will choose someone else.

According to Economia Tic co-founder Héctor Fernández, scalability is, “The ability to increase activity without losing the quality of the services offered and maintaining or even reducing the cost per unit sold/produced.”

Another way of looking at it is to ask: The business is big now, but will it still be big tomorrow? How will it affect the business if the competition scales but not us?

There are advantages to using a Workana freelancer to scale a project:

  • Highly-qualified freelance talent that specialises in all the main areas of scalability — marketing, programming, sales, logistics and so on — is available.
  • Management decides what the initial investment will be.
  • There is a choice of personalised, high quality proposals.
  • The selection process can be facilitated, eliminating geographic and administrative barriers.
  • People can be hired by the project or by the hour, depending on the type of service needed.
  • There is payment protection.

How can freelancers help scale a business?

Freelancers offer specific expertise as and when it is needed. (Pixabay pic)

1. Analyse how to scale more and how to scale well

The Pareto principle can be a huge help when management is ready to decide how to start scaling. The Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, says most of the time, 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.

In other words, if 20% of time or energy is invested in taking the right actions, the results will be 80% of what was expected.

For example, investing resources in a good marketing strategy can provide a great return on investment. Maybe an App is all that is needed to increase sales. Or maybe an expert should optimise the company’s logistical processes in order to save more in the short and medium term. Every project has unique possibilities to scale.

2. Get an outside opinion

If management is not exactly sure where to start scaling, or if it knows where but not how, it’s a great idea to start with an ambitious project and get an outside opinion from an expert in the area management wants to grow in.

For example, if creating web content seems a good way to get more clients, hire a consultant who specialises in digital marketing who will analyse the company’s needs, point management in the right direction, specify the project requirements and help create the freelancer profile that is needed.

3. Create a fabulous project

Now that everything is ready, it is time to start receiving proposals, and in order to do that an attention-grabbing and clear project must be created.

4. Choose the best Workana freelancer

When the proposals start coming in, analyse them in detail. Choose the top two or three and ask the freelancers for a sample of their previous work. Speak with them about the deliverables, the specifications and the deadlines. And don’t forget to check their reviews.

Workana offers everything needed to scale a business in a cost-efficient, fast and time-efficient manner.

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