Work From Home Jobs for Retirees

There are several different jobs for retirees that can be carried out from the comfort of your own home. Many…

There are several different jobs for retirees that can be carried out from the comfort of your own home. Many work at home jobs for retirees come with flexible hours and provide the chance to earn a little extra cash each month. If you no longer want to head to the office every day, but want to pick up some extra income, look into remote jobs for retirees.

These jobs for seniors can be done at home:

— Bookkeeping.

— Consultant.

— Coach.

— Customer service representative.

— Appliance repair.

— Online teaching.

— Proofreading.

— Remote writer.

— Transcriptionist.

— Virtual assistant.


Bookkeepers help a business manage accounts and payroll. Bookkeeping can usually be done on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the company’s needs. “The main thing you’ll need is a good eye for detail,” says Jon Hill, CEO and chairman of The Energists, an executive search and recruiting firm in Houston, Texas. “Experience in accounting or finance is likely to be a plus on your resume.” The typical pay is a median of $20 an hour.

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You can use your background and experience to help companies or groups of employees overcome obstacles, set goals and lay a path for the future. “If you have deep knowledge in most any sector, there’s likely a consulting group that would pay you for that expertise,” says Larry Rubin, managing partner of Talent Partners, a member of Sanford Rose Associates, based in Hartford, Connecticut. You may even be able to do consulting work for your former employer. The median salary for a consultant is about $41 an hour.


If you have a background in nutrition or fitness, you might enjoy helping others work toward achieving wellness goals. Other types of experience, such as financial or counseling backgrounds, can be applied to coaching as well. You can build your own website to market your coaching services or join a company that offers online coaching. The average hourly wage varies based on the expertise of the coach.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives can expect to answer the phone and respond to customer emails. You’ll help customers solve problems and answer questions about products or services. “This can be a great job if you have good people skills, especially if your background before retirement was in customer service,” Hill says. The median wage for a customer service representative is $17 per hour.

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Appliance Repair

Experience in repair work could provide a solid foundation for fixing and then selling appliances like washers and dryers. You may find free or inexpensive machines through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Once you bring them home, you can make the corrections needed to help them run smoothly again and then resell them. The amount you earn will depend on the purchasing and selling price of the appliances.

Online Teaching

If you worked as a teacher or have a degree in education, helping students virtually may be a natural fit. “For retirees, some of the best options are teaching and tutoring platforms,” says Kathy Kristof, an editor at SideHusl, based in the Los Angeles area. The median rate for tutoring is $19 an hour. You could earn considerably more by tutoring in specialized areas like STEM subjects or professional tests.


If you love to read and have a careful eye for detail, you may be able to proofread documents to spot any grammar errors or spelling mistakes. Look on job boards or check with proofreading companies to learn of available jobs. The median wage for a professional editor is $30 an hour.


If you worked as a journalist or in the publishing industry, you might be able to construct articles, blog entries or white papers for companies. Other industries may have technical writing needs. If you had a career in nursing, for instance, you might be able to use your health insight to produce journals or contribute to medical publications. The pay range varies a lot based on expertise, but is a median of $30 an hour.

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Those with excellent typing skills may be able to earn some extra income by transcribing recorded messages. This job can be an especially good fit if you have a background in an industry that frequently requires transcription services. “We have many legal and law enforcement transcriptionists that work for us as retirees,” says Ben Walker, CEO and founder of Transcription Outsourcing in Denver, Colorado. “They already know the lingo and jargon and can type like our seasoned transcriptionists.” The pay scale for this type of work depends on the industry. Medical transcriptionists, for example, make a median of $16 per hour.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants carry out administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, making phone calls, arranging travel plans and managing email accounts. This job works best for strong communicators who thrive on organization. While the median hourly pay for this type of work is $19 an hour, you could earn more if you have certain specialties. “Some virtual assistants who are uniquely skilled with social media or WordPress charge considerably more, such as $50 or $75 an hour,” Kristof says.

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